Oneness Yoga Challenge 2022-Your Journey To Spiritual Fitness

The Oneness yoga problem is a week-long occasion that can be happening from June 15-21. This problem is designed to awaken physique bliss and activate the 7 chakras.
Sri Preethaji’s creation of this yr’s Oneness Yoga Challenge is impressed by historical Himalayan Yogis’ pursuit of enlightenment and the paranormal experiences from her consciousness. This distinctive yoga expertise is constructed on chakra energy to unlock your physique bliss. It additionally consists of yoga nidra, which cleanses the mind of its toxins. 

This yr’s yoga problem is a mystic motion of the physique.  As you stretch and keep, tense and loosen up, chant and focus, breathe and maintain every day of the problem you’ll manifest the energies of stability, delight, braveness, love,  move, consciousness and oneness into you. 

Graceful postures, chanting the mantras, visualising the Yantras and reworking the rhythms of your breath as you progress by the yogic actions you get up to your physique bliss.

Sri Preethaji says that the aim of oneness yoga shouldn’t be bodily well being or bodily health, It is to steer you to religious health. It is Chitta Vritti Nirodha Or cessation of repetitive ideas which construct into struggling and open you as much as Ananda or bliss. The ultimate objective of yoga is to steer you to Jeevan Mukti or full enlightenment. The imaginative and prescient of Ekam or oneness is to create such Jeevan Muktas or enlightened beings whose presence will tilt the steadiness within the collective human consciousness away from hate, greed and sorrow to compassion and to oneness. This shift in consciousness is the one resolution for all the issues. Individual issues and the world’s issues. 

Sri Preethaji additionally believes that compassion, consideration and endurance are the true spirit of Yoga and never aggressively pushing one’s physique right into a yogic posture.  Yoga is a motion in compassionate consciousness of the physique. As you agree in every asana breathe and focus your prana in that muscle group, then the physique begins to heal. The muscle groups launch the bodily and emotional stress saved in them and in it’s personal time your physique gracefully arches into the proper place.

The Oneness yoga problem is a common path to well being, bliss, and oneness. It is obtainable on-line, so you may observe within the privateness of your private home or as a group. This yoga problem is for everybody, no matter age or non secular background. Sri Preethaji urges her followers and hundreds of thousands of seekers to hitch the journey to unlock physique bliss! Through this phenomenal yoga problem; You can be amazed by what you’ll uncover about your self, your well being, and your physique.

The problem lasts for 7 days, culminating on the International Day of Yoga. On this present day seekers from world over will interact in creating oneness yoga mob of their neighbourhoods, at work locations, in parks, in libraries, in open areas by creating their very own group for fellow yoga fans to assemble and take part in a collective expertise. Inspiring the world in the direction of yoga, bliss & oneness.
This occasion can be a chance for folks to attach with one another and lift world consciousness.

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