Can colonoscopy trigger pancreatitis? An expert answers

Can colonoscopy trigger pancreatitis? An expert answers

According to numerous studies, Travis Barker has been hospitalised as a consequence of pancreatitis — a situation wherein the pancreas turns into infected. The situation, in response to TMZ, “was triggered by a colonoscopy”.
The information of the Blink-182 drummer hospitalisation got here after he tweeted: “God save me”.

The pancreas is an important organ that’s liable for the manufacturing of insulin, which regulates blood sugars, in addition to the digestive enzymes within the physique.
Explaining the causes, Dr Rajesh Gopalakrishna, Clinical Professor, Gastroenterology and Hepatology, Amrita Hospital stated binge ingesting, smoking, consuming a high-fat food regimen, viral infections, and stomach trauma are a number of the standard triggers of pancreatitis. “But there are additionally numerous elements that may trigger the early launch of the digestive enzymes which can then assault the pancreas itself, inflicting damage and irritation. These results could also be short-term and of various levels of severity (acute pancreatitis), or long-term resulting in everlasting injury to pancreas (continual pancreatitis),” stated.
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But does colonoscopy — an endoscopic examination executed to know of any modifications within the colon — trigger pancreatitis? “Colonoscopy is a well-tolerated and secure diagnostic process, often carried out underneath aware sedation. Abdominal ache is an occasional complication after colonoscopy. However, acute pancreatitis is a uncommon complication after colonoscopy and is extra more likely to be seen after balloon-assisted enteroscopy of the small bowel,” the expert informed

Symptoms of pancreatitis
Abdominal ache is a cardinal symptom. “The ache usually happens after consuming meals and is commonly related to nausea and vomiting. The ache often spreads from the stomach to the again and is worse on mendacity down flat on one’s again,” defined Dr Rajesh. Additionally, the presence of jaundice suggests gallstones are the reason for pancreatitis. Weight loss and oily stools could also be seen in some continual pancreatitis, he added.
The first therapy for an acute assault of pancreatitis, requires an individual to chorus from consuming any meals and liquids for a brief interval to keep away from stimulation and supply relaxation to the pancreas.
“Severe pancreatitis wants hospitalisation and even ICU care, sometimes. An endoscopic process (ERCP) could also be wanted to empty bile ducts which can be blocked by gallstones. Antibiotics are sometimes wanted to deal with infections and endoscopic or surgical procedures to take away broken tissue or drain fluid within the stomach could also be sometimes wanted,” he stated.
Tips for wholesome pancreas
According to Dr Rajesh, sure threat elements for pancreatitis, comparable to household historical past and genetics, can’t be modified. However, making some life-style modifications that may decrease the danger of pancreatitis.
*Consume a nutritious diet that features meals which can be wealthy in protein, low in animal fat, and comprise antioxidants.
*The food regimen ought to embody fruits, greens, entire grains, legumes (pulses), and nonfat/low fats dairy or diary options.

*Lean cuts of meat and egg whites can be utilized as animal protein sources. Healthy fat comparable to olive oil, fish, nuts, and seeds, could also be consumed with cautious portion management.
*Avoid fried and excessive fats meals like French fries and chips, junk meals like burgers, processed meat like sausages, and mayonnaise.
*Eating extra fiber can decrease the probabilities of having gallstones or elevated blood triglycerides. Both of these situations are frequent causes of acute pancreatitis.
*Eat smaller and extra frequent meals. Cutting again or stopping alcohol use and avoiding tobacco are key steps in preserving pancreas wholesome.
*Achieving and sustaining a wholesome weight could assist decrease the danger of creating pancreatitis. Healthy weight additionally lowers threat for gallstones, that are a standard reason behind pancreatitis.
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