Biggest Fitness Trends That We Saw In 2023

(Picture Credit: Freepik) Everyone wants to be a fitter and healthier version of themselves. Individuals are always busy trying a mix of things to see what works for them and what doesn’t. How much time one has on one’s hands makes for an important consideration too when zeroing in on a form of workout. Whether it is strength training in a gym, exercising in a park, working on your pelvic floor muscles and so on, we recap some of the biggest fitness trends that we saw in 2023. Take a look at them below. Strength training(Picture Credit: Freepik) Boosts stamina, builds endurance, increases muscle mass and reduces the risk of injury – all of these are some amazing benefits why more and more people took to this form of exercise in 2023. It is also good for your cardiovascular health and blood pressure.Kegel exercises(Picture Credit: Freepik) It is recommended to people who have issues like urinary and fecal incontinence. It strengthens pelvic floor muscles and aids in keeping your organs in place. It also improves your sexual health. The best part is you can do these exercises sitting, standing and lying down. Doing the exercises properly is the key in attaining best results. It was one popular fitness trend that we saw emerge in 2023. HIIT workout(Picture Credit: Freepik) Got little time on hand and want maximum results in a short time frame? Well, HIIT workout is a hit in such cases. High intensity interval training helps burn more calories, boosts metabolic rate, helps lose fat faster, improves oxygen consumption and so on. The workout typically lasts for about 30 minutes in which a person can take short interval breaks as well. Given how most of us went back to our workplaces, a majority of us opted for HIIT workouts in 2023.Body weight training(Picture Credit: Freepik) If you’re someone who wants to increase muscle mass and tone your muscles, but have some kind of aversion to weights, then body weight training is for you. In this, one is basically required to use one’s own weight to provide resistance against gravity. You can do this form of training from the comfort of your home. Many people who wanted to work on their muscles took to this training form in 2023. Mini workoutsMini workoutsCrunched for time? Well, try mini workouts that are as effective as long forms of workout. The best part is you can do this workout whenever you get time. Psychologically speaking, an individual doesn’t feel overwhelmed or anxious at the thought of working out. All one needs to do is be consistent to achieve desired results. In 2023, mini workouts helped a lot of people stay on top of their fitness game.Outdoor exercise(Picture Credit: Freepik) Post the Covid-19 pandemic, a shift was seen in more and more people wanting to workout outdoors. The best part is one can do workout without using any equipment and without feeling restricted inside the four walls of gym. Whether it is a good run on a track, some exercises done on a park bench, yoga asanas performed in open air or high intensity cardio done in a park – outdoor exercise was a big fitness trend that we saw in 2023.Posture workouts(Picture Credit: Freepik) Long hours of work at the desk and constant looking at our phone screens for prolonged durations has triggered some common complaints of neck and shoulder pain. Hunched backs, a hump in the back of the neck can really take a toll on the personality of a person. Hence, a majority of people took to posture workouts in 2023.

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