Kelly Clarkson Talks 2023 Weight Loss, Doesn’t Wear Spanx Anymore

Kelly Clarkson, 41, opened up about her recent weight loss on her talk show, The Kelly Clarkson Show, last week, sharing that she doesn’t wear Spanx anymore, per Life & Style. During a singing game, Kelly said, “In this building it’s so cold. I don’t even need to wear Spanx anymore. I just wear them for warmth like thermals.”This isn’t the first time Kelly’s hinted at her weight-loss journey this year. On November 7th, Kelly spoke with guests Jenna Bush Hager and Barbara Bush, both 41, as they looked at throwback pictures. Jenna talked about being “chubby” while she was in college, and Kelly shared that she’s “had many stages” of being heavier than she wanted to be. Kelly also opened up about the struggles of finding new clothes when your body is changing. “I love losing weight, but here’s the thing, jeans are so hard when you have a butt and a smaller waist,” she said. “This is a first-world problem, I realize. And it’s a great problem.” So, how did Kelly Clarkson lose weight? While Kelly hasn’t opened up about what she’s doing to lose weight right now, she’s shared details about her health and wellness routine in the past. During a visit to The Ellen DeGeneres Show in 2020, she said, “So sometimes I’m more fit and I get into kickboxing hardcore. And then sometimes I don’t, and I’m like… I’d rather have wine,” per People. Back in 2018, Kelly shared with Extra that she’d lost weight following The Plant Paradox book by Dr. Steven Gundry. She said, “I literally read this book, and I did it for this autoimmune disease that I had and I had a thyroid issue, and now all my levels are back up.” “I’m not on medicine anymore because of this book,” Kelly explained to Extra. “It’s basically about how we cook our food, non-GMO, no pesticides, eating really organic…Literally, I haven’t worked out at all!” Kelly later told Today host Hoda Kotb that her eating habits changed because of her autoimmune disease, even though her goal wasn’t to lose weight. “For me, it wasn’t really the weight. For me, it’s I’m not on my medicine anymore,” she told Hoda. “My blood work came back, and I haven’t been on my medicine since February.” In 2019, Kelly denied rumors that she’d been using weight-loss supplements. The singer tweeted, “Other fake news that’s going around about me is that I’ve been taking weird pills 4 weight loss or doing weird fad diets. All of this is not true. I ain’t got time 4 all that. I eat the same stuff I always have. It’s all just made w/different flours/sugars/ingredients.”

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