Salisbury’s The Workout Lab a dream come true for personal trainer

Alan Reilly, 35, had long envisioned a private personal training studio where ‘a fitness journey truly evolves around you’ and recently founded The Workout Lab in the city. 

Alan, who lives in Harnham, was a self-employed personal trainer at Sports Direct gym which recently shut without warning.

Earlier this month, Sports Direct sent an email to staff and members saying it was closing that very same today, giving people just hours’ notice. 

He had already planned to open The Workout Lab on January 2 but due to the sudden closure, made the decision to move the opening date forward. 

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He said: “I have been a personal trainer for about 16 years but this is not an open gym, people make appointments.

The business model means Alan – along with Scott Norris, a personal trainer who moved from Sports Direct, are able to spend more time helping clients with their exercise and with nutrition. 

The gym is only 800 sq. ft so the focus is on one-to- one coaching but even if group sessions are booked in, the gym will only have up to six people. 

Alan is trying to make it as exclusive as possible. 

Alan said: “This is for people who don’t like the busy gyms or the noise. A lot of people don’t join busy gyms because they may feel anxious. Here, it is much quieter and so they can work on their personal fitness goals without worry.”

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The Workout Lab (Image: Newsquest)

The gym is located at 13 Brown Street and works on an appointment base. Sessions will generally run through into the evening. 

Alan said: “Most people will have a weekly slot or come twice a week and we book in advance. But it starts off with an initial consultation. 

“I have people who I have trained for years and they will come here but it is also for people who are new to training or unsure where to start.

He added: “It feels really good. I have thought about it for years and now, it’s suddenly happened. It’s just so nice, to have my own environment.”

For more information or to book a free consultation, go to

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