International Polar Bear Day 2024: Date, history, significance and more

International Polar Bear Day was created by Polar Bears International to raise public awareness of the impact of sea ice loss and climate change on polar bear populations. The future of polar bears is under serious threat from climate change and it is our responsibility to act now to save them. Polar bears are considered aquatic mammals, protected from the bitterly cold air and water they come into contact with on the sea ice of the Arctic Ocean by a thick layer of body fat and a water-repellent coat. International Polar Bear Day serves as a crucial reminder of the issues at stake if we are to protect these amazing species in the future as their home melts away beneath them. From date to history, scroll down to know more. (Also read: World NGO Day 2024: Date, history and significance of the day ) Celebrate International Polar Bear Day on February 27 to raise awareness of the urgent need to protect polar bears and their Arctic habitat.(Unsplash) International Polar Bear Day 2024 date and historyAnnually International Polar Bear Day is celebrated on February 27, this year it will be observed on Monday. In the early 2000s, polar bear populations began to decline as a result of climate change, and this is when International Polar Bear Day came into existence. Sea ice was melting at an alarming rate as the Arctic region warmed. Polar bears need sea ice to hunt and breed, so its disappearance threatens their survival. International Polar Bear Day was created in 1994 by the non-profit organisation Polar Bear International to raise awareness of the plight of polar bears. Hindustan Times – your fastest source for breaking news! Read now. The intention was to raise public awareness of the impact of climate change on polar bears and their habitats and to motivate people and organisations to take action to protect them. First celebrated in 2011, International Polar Bear Day has become a global event that unites people, organisations and governments to raise awareness of the value of polar bear conservation. Significance of International Polar Bear DayInternational Polar Bear Day is important as it raises awareness of the urgent need to protect polar bears and their fragile Arctic habitat. Arctic ice continues to be threatened by climate change, and polar bears are facing unprecedented challenges, including habitat loss, reduced food availability and increased conflicts between humans and other wildlife. On this day, people, groups and governments are urged to take action to slow global warming, save polar bear numbers and preserve the Arctic ecosystem for future generations. It serves as a reminder of how closely human behaviour affects the health of ecosystems and species and highlights the importance of working together to tackle climate change and conserve the Earth’s biodiversity.

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