The drinks that will speed up results on the scale

Carrying excess pounds around the body’s midsection is a problem many Britons contend with in old age.Burning the middle-aged spread is generally achieved through overall weight loss – but strenuous exercise and dieting may not be the only ways to get there. Naheed Ali, MD, PhD, physician and nutritionist, told GB News that coffee and water are potent aids in weight loss.“That stubborn spare tyre that refuses to budge is a challenge familiar to many of us,” he said.Losing weight around the body’s midsection is essential for staving off diseaseGETTY​Harnessing hydration may be one of the easiest – and most overlooked – ways to tackle weight around the body’s midsection.For long-term management of belly fat, the expert recommends prioritising a variety of leafy greens, avocados, and berries.“These compounds can support metabolic health and have anti-inflammatory effects,” noted Naheed.“Including antioxidant-rich coffee in your diet may also contribute to these benefits due to its high antioxidant content.”Like many experts, Naheed drives home the importance of consuming sufficient liquids. “Hydrating property is key,” declared the expert. “Just two extra glasses of water daily may help to boost weight loss power!”This statement was confirmed in a 2016 mini-review that highlighted a connection between increased water intake and weight loss.Without water, the body cannot metabolise stored fat. That is why weight gain can be a sign of dehydration.The unique properties of coffee can boost metabolism GETTYSuppressing appetite and enhancing the efficiency of exercise are other ways water intake contributes to results on the scale.Naheed added: “While hydration plays a critical role in overall health and can support weight loss efforts, its impact should be considered within the context of a comprehensive nutritional and lifestyle strategy.“Embracing these habits as part of a comprehensive lifestyle, rather than relying on temporary fixes or fads, promises a sustainable path to leanness.“It’s about cultivating lasting habits that align with the body’s natural rhythms and physiological needs.”

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