Top 4 fitness trackers for every need

Top 4 fitness trackers for every need (Source: Unsplash)Top fitness trackers offer an easy-to-use yet informative gateway to better health, seamlessly tracking workouts and guiding users towards healthier habits. Here’s a look at the top four picks in 2024, each tailored to meet diverse needs and styles.Triet Le, 👁 Daniel R Deakin, Published 02/18/2024

The Fitbit Charge 6 (Available on Amazon) enhances its lineage as a value-packed fitness tracker, now featuring 40 sport profiles and the ability to sync heart rate data with gym equipment via Bluetooth. It boasts a color touchscreen, a robust 5ATM water-resistance rating, and a battery that lasts multiple days. The inclusion of a built-in GPS, alongside sensors for night-time health monitoring such as skin temperature and SpO2 levels, adds significant value.
Additionally, the Charge 6 supports on-demand ECG for heart health and EDA for stress readings.
Targeted towards a broad audience seeking a comprehensive fitness tracker, the Charge 6 is compatible with most smartphones running Android 9.0 or iOS 15 and above.

The Garmin Venu 3 (On sale now for $409 on Amazon) stands out as one of the most versatile and advanced smartwatches, catering to a wide range of lifestyle needs. It features comprehensive sport modes, advanced workout metrics, and the unique Health Snapshot for a quick overview of vital stats like heart rate and blood oxygen levels. The device includes an FDA-approved ECG app for AFib monitoring and utilizes the latest Gen 5 Elevate optical heart rate sensor for accuracy.
Enhancing its fitness appeal, the Venu 3 comes with Garmin’s top training tools and detailed sleep tracking, including automatic nap detection. As a high-end smartwatch, it offers functionalities like mobile payments and voice calling, with support for various voice assistants depending on the user’s smartphone.
Distinctive for its ability to make calls and flexible assistant support, the Venu 3 also provides an extensive range of fitness tracking features, catering to various sports, making it a versatile choice for fitness enthusiasts.

The Coros Pace 3 stands out in the GPS watch segment, offering a feature set comparable to higher-priced models, but at an accessible price of $230 (available on BestBuy). This model surpasses its predecessor, with important upgrades like a dual-frequency chipset for enhanced GPS accuracy.
The Pace 3 demonstrated superior location tracking in challenging environments. It also includes a next-gen heart rate monitor and a larger 236 mAh battery, extending its run time to 38 hours in GPS mode.
While it excels in many areas, the Pace 3 does have some compromises, such as its scratch-resistant (but not scratch-proof) corning glass and a less durable polymer bezel. The mapping function, though straightforward, lacks the detail found in mid-tier watches, and its fitness and workout metrics, though improved, still trail behind Garmin’s offerings.

The Apple Watch Series 9, designed primarily for iPhone users (requiring an iPhone XS or later with iOS 17), stands out in the smartwatch market with its comprehensive array of fitness, health, and safety features. It’s an ideal choice for those seeking a top-tier fitness tracker coupled with excellent connectivity options, but is not compatible with Android devices.
Geared towards athletes and fitness enthusiasts, the Series 9 excels with features like wrist-based running power measurements for real-time effort tracking and a WR50 rating for water resistance, making it safe for use in both pools and open waters. It also includes an automatic detection feature for cycling workouts.
For users with a penchant for outdoor adventure and a larger budget, the Apple Watch Ultra 2 (currently on sale for $749 on BestBuy), offers a more rugged design and longer battery life. Suitable for endurance athletes and lovers of water sports, its WR100 rating makes it appropriate for high-speed aquatic activities and recreational diving. This positions the Ultra 2 as a premium option for those seeking advanced features and greater durability.

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