Weight Loss : One Meal A Day And Consistent Walking Helped Her Lose 14 Kilos

Jasjeet Plaha’s weight loss transformation. Jasjeet Plaha, 41, lost 14 kilograms in a span of 8 months by eating one meal a day. A manager at a retail chain in Canada, Jasjeet weighed around 82 kilograms and came down to 68 kilograms in a span of some 7 months. “I had put on a lot of weight, and my eating habits were all over the place. It was affecting my knees and, in general, a lot of issues related to being overweight started cropping up. Even my old clothes didn’t fit. Acidity was my biggest problem, and I was constantly bloated,” says Jasjeet. She was dependent on antacids and was popping them every day. It was then that Jasjeet decided to fix her weight and eating habits. “I would eat anything, and there was no fixed time for eating it. I decided to put an end to it.” One Meal A Day EatingJasjeet shifted to eating one meal a day, but it wasn’t done in a manner that would shock her body. She slowly started changing the way she ate. “I slowly started getting used to fasting and learned to control my cravings. It started with fasting for one day, once a week. Slowly, I started extending the period of my fasting to 2 or 3 days. I would just have water and some fruits during this period,” says Jasjeet.Eventually, she shifted to eating one meal a day. “I figured out that my system doesn’t need so much food. So, the way I started out was, I would only eat when I felt very hungry, and that was a signal that my system needed food. If I wasn’t hungry, I would not get into any cravings. We all know that half the time that we end up snacking is out of boredom, and we aren’t really hungry. If most of us have the mind to just have a glass of water, that craving to eat a sugar-laden snack will just vanish,” she says.A typical meal for Jasjeet is a home-cooked meal — rice, dal, salad, and vegetable preparation. Since she lives alone, a hearty bowl of Khichri also works for her. She cooks her food in desi ghee. However, eating one meal a day has also given Jasjeet the freedom to indulge in desserts and junk food, in moderation. “I have been eating everything. I don’t believe in denying myself. But there is a rule that I follow — If I ended up eating a piece of cake or a slice or two of pizza (I don’t go overboard), it’s considered one meal for me. That piece of cake has enough calories to last me for a day. But, in the evening, I ensure to eat something healthy to ensure at least I have given some nutrition to my body. But the quantity is less, and it has more greens.”Jasjeet drinks atleast 2 litres of water, even though the area in Canada where she lives is predominantly cold. “One meal a day has fixed my bloating, acidity, and gastric issues. I am not popping pills every day. Now, I get acidity only if I eat fried food, that is when I need to depend on antacids.” Walks 7-8 Kilometers EverydayAn important aspect in Jasjeet’s weight loss journey has been her daily walks. On an average, she walks 7 to 8 kilometers every day, without compromising on it. “I walk everywhere. It’s a walkable town, which makes it easier for me. Walking helps me decompress.” “They say that losing weight in your forties isn’t easy, but I fixed my eating and started moving my body. And, I lost weight. My target is to lose another 12 kilograms.”


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