Devin Hoofman’s New Slim Face After Extraordinary Weight Loss Milestone


Devin Hoofman lost weight, revealing a slimmer face and dramatic transformation since filming 90 Day Fiancé season 10.
Devin showcased her sharp facial features, including defined cheekbones, following her weight loss journey.
To enhance her transformation, Devin opted for lip fillers and a mini plump, further accentuating her new look on social media.

Devin Hoofman from 90 Day Fiancé looks completely different since losing weight. The 25-year-old has always looked great; however, she admittedly gained some weight when she began filming 90 Day Fiancé season 10 alongside her now husband, Seungdo “Nick” Ham. While Devin smiled and didn’t mind that her beau called her “piggy,” she did reveal that the anxiety from filming caused her to put on some weight. She also shared that her sudden weight gain was associated with binge drinking and eating, something she did to cope with the stress of shooting the show.

Devin showcased her weight loss on social media through photos. In December 2023, she revealed she lost 20-30 pounds since filming the show. The Arkansas resident also opened up about her health issues. She talked about her chronic jaw tension and getting injections to cure it. She was in a lot of pain due to her jaw pain, causing her face to swell and become larger. Thankfully, the injections helped her fix that problem. So, when Devin appeared on the 90 Day Fiancé season 10 Tell All, viewers and her co-stars were shocked by her slimmer physique.

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How Devin Hoofman’s Face Looked Before Weight Loss
Devin’s Face Looked Rounder & Fuller

While Devin has lost a lot of weight, most viewers would agree that she always looked attractive. During her time on 90 Day Fiancé season 10, she had the most charming glow and always oozed positivity. She never even said anything when Nick called her a “piggy” in front of her family. While on the show, Devin was just as attractive as she is now. Her face was more round, making her facial features look more soft.

Devin Hoofman Shows Off Sharp Facial Features In October 2023
Devin Revealed Her High Cheekbones After Losing Weight

Devin started showing off her facial transformation in the latter half of 2023. She began posting close-up photos, showing that she had lost weight and dramatically changed her body. In October, Devin shared a picture holding a rose. She looked happier, calm, and very excited. The photo highlighted Devin’s slimmer new face and said goodbye to her soft features. She had also embraced a new hairdo that complimented her sharp jawline and protruded cheekbones. Fans were mesmerized by Devin’s changed look as well.

A social media user commented,
“you are beautifullllll devin.”

Devin Hoofman Reveals Her Sculpted Face After Losing Weight
Devin’s Facial Features Stand Out Much More Than Before

As Devin lost more weight, she started getting even more compliments. People no longer just called her cute but also praised her for being gorgeous. In December 2023, Devin posted a photo of herself standing next to a Christmas tree. She stood there wearing her rounded glasses that enhanced her newly prominent facial features. Devin looked drastically different from herself on the show. She had a sharp jawline, visible collarbones, and defined cheekbones. She also didn’t wear too much makeup, which allowed her to showcase her natural beauty.

Devin got many lovely comments from fans who complimented her looks and praised her weight loss transformation. One Instagram user wrote, “Devin you’re so freaking beautiful and a sweetheart,” adding that she was on top of the nice list.

Another user commented,
“she lost weight you can see on her face good job.”

Viewers were happy about Devin’s transformation and showered her with affection. Even co-stars like Anali Vallejos and Clayton Clark complimented how beautiful she looks. Devin’s changed face didn’t just highlight her weight loss but also her newfound confidence.

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Devin Hoofman Opted For Lip Fillers & Mini Plump
Devin’s New Lips Look Bigger & Plumper

Apart from getting injections to help her jaw issue, Devin received other procedures to make her facial transformation even more prominent. Devin admitted to getting lip fillers to exaggerate her smile and a mini plump to her face. In January 2024, Devin revealed her new looks with a close-up selfie beside her husband, Nick. She looked excited about hanging out around Atlanta, Georgia, looking like her best self. The photo showed Devin with a pointed jaw with soft but notably more prominent lips.

Devin’s post got dozens of comments telling her how incredible she looked and praising her cosmetic procedures. One social media user wrote, “whatever you’ve done to your lips has enhanced your natural beauty,” adding that she was gorgeous before but has managed to look even prettier. Another commented, “You look amazing,” hoping that Devin hasn’t dropped weight because of online bullying and her husband’s name-calling. Devin hasn’t shared how exactly she has dropped so much weight. However, her facial transformation is likely the result of a strict diet, cosmetic procedures, and workouts.

Devin Hoofman Looks Glamorous During 90 Day Fiancé Season 10 Tell All
Devin Looked Almost Unrecognizable At The Tell All

Devin revealed her complete transformation during the 90 Day Fiancé season 10 Tell All. She joined the reunion alongside Nick, looking incredibly slender and stylish. Devin confidently wore a dress to highlight how much her face had transformed and how lean her shoulders and neck had become. Devin looks completely different from how she looked on the show. She has achieved pronounced collarbones, a defined jawline, and a lot of confidence.

Nick also no longer acts like he’s superior because he used to be skinnier than Devin. While he claims he still calls her piggy, he doesn’t overuse the word like he did during the family lunch. Many fans recently took to social media to discuss Devin’s transformation and Tell All appearance. An Instagram user wrote (via 90dayfianceupdate), “she was never over weight. However, she looked beautiful last night.” While some 90 Day Fiancé viewers doubt Devin’s true intention behind losing weight, others believe her and are impressed with her results.

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