Heartbreak as iconic Aussie chewing gum Juicy Fruit is quietly pulled from shelves

Supermarket shoppers have been left reeling from news that an iconic Australian lolly has been quietly discontinued in stores across the country.It’s been revealed that Juicy Fruit chewing gum – which has been on sale in Australia for 131 years – has been removed from sale.In claims aired on 2GB’s Ben Fordham program, it was revealed that Juicy Fruit is undergoing a major overhaul and will not appear in stores until later in the year, and in an entirely new format.Newsletters: Our top lifestyle news direct to your inbox. Subscribe now An insider who works at the factory which produces Juicy Fruit told Fordham the original recipe has now been discontinued and, when the chewing gum returns in mid-2024, it will be sugar-free and will no longer have its famous hard shell.Juicy Fruit has been available in Australia for 131 years. Credit: Facebook BIG W under fire over at-home tattoo kit – that even kids could buy2 min readIn a statement to 7NEWS.com.au, Mars Wrigley Australia confirmed that Juicy Fruit — and another leading gum brand, PK — would be going sugar free.“At Mars Wrigley, we are always listening to our customers, and the move to sugar-free reflects their desire for the same great taste they’ve known for generations, with the added benefits that sugar-free gum provides for our oral health,” the Mars Wrigley Australia spokesperson said.“Our loyal consumers – and people who have never tried the brands – will be able to enjoy the same great flavour Juicy Fruit and PK are known for around the world, with the added oral health benefits that our sugar-free gums are known for.“We’re looking forward to hearing what our customers think, but we reckon we’ve pretty much nailed it.”Mars Wrigley Australia says the new recipe will also create greater operational efficiencies at its manufacturing facility in Asquith, Sydney, and help future-proof the production of its gum and mint ranges locally.TikTok star RussEats told 2GB that it was a sad day for many Australians who grew up with Juicy Fruit.“To put it in perspective, humans got Juicy Fruit before the radio in the Ford car,” he said.He added: “The thing is, the people that want that original Juicy Fruit, they don’t want it sugar-free. Die-hard Juicy Fruiters don’t want sugar-free, that’s my opinion.”Mars Wrigley Australia expects the new Juicy Fruit and PK sugar-free gum to be on shelves in June.Coles hits back at claim it’s placing ‘electronic imprints’ on shoppers2 min readPrice hike for popular Bunnings sausage sizzle item1 min read


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