IHRSA 2024 Equipment Rundown: Tech, Strength Training Take Center Stage

IHRSA 2024 Equipment Rundown: Tech, Strength Training Take Center Stage

ATN spoke with Technogym, Life Fitness, Eleiko, True Fitness and BeaverFit to get an inside look at their IHRSA 2024 equipment unveilings
In anticipation of IHRSA 2024, leading fitness equipment companies are gearing up to showcase their cutting-edge equipment and best-in-class digital solutions. 
Among the distinguished brands headed to IHRSA are Technogym, Life Fitness, Eleiko, True Fitness and BeaverFit — all emphasizing a significant focus on strength, with BeaverFit and Technogym also zeroing in on outdoor training solutions and a results-driven ecosystem for club operators and fitness consumers, respectively. 
Here’s what attendees can expect from some of the leading exhibitors at IHRSA 2024:
Technogym Embraces AI, Digital Fitness
Italy-based fitness equipment and tech giant Technogym is highlighting its unique ecosystem at IHRSA 2024, which encompasses its connected smart equipment, software, apps, artificial intelligence, on-demand exercise content and tech services. The brand’s ecosystem results in a fully personalized experience for fitness enthusiasts and increased ROI for club owners and operators.
Found in 85,000 wellness centers and 400,000 private homes, Technogym has been the official supplier of the last eight Olympic Games, and will do so again this summer in Paris.
The fit tech company’s AI-based Technogym Coach follows the “training evolution,” of fitness consumers, so club operators can leverage data to boost retention and upselling based on workout preferences, habits, patterns (such as training typology, preferred weekdays and average session duration) of users. Additionally, the data can be used for targeted communications, promotions or challenges.
Technogym’s AI capabilities have also enhanced its smart equipment and app experience, with its system recognizing the profile, past sessions, and preferred goals of users. Technogym’s strength equipment automatically adapts metrics such as load, range of motion, correct posture, speed of execution, number of sets, repetitions and optimal recovery times. 
Going even further, Technogym offers the ability to collect and track cohesive and consistent data for 360-degree profiling, thanks to its blend of in-house equipment (cardio, strength and functional) and digital platforming.
credit: Technogym

Through the Technogym App, users can access the Technogym Ecosystem, continuing to keep the training experience customized. The ecosystem also supports a hybrid experience, allowing clubs to deliver facility-produced training content to homes through live streams and on-demand video.
Technogym’s Ecosystem push comes as the company continues to embrace digital fitness, supporting operators to meet their members whether in-facility or at home. 
“The pandemic did nothing more than accelerate the transformation process already underway,” Technogym founder and CEO Nerio Alessandri told Athletech News last fall. “It really forced this hybridization of fitness where people work out in the gym, at home, outdoors and, more recently since the pandemic, on vacation and at work. This ‘wellness on the go, anytime, anywhere’ has done so much for the health, prevention and performance of consumers, making the wellness experience a truly nomadic one.”
Nerio Alessandri (credit: Technogym)

Technogym will be found at booth #1716 at IHRSA
Life Fitness Builds the Ultimate Cable Training Experience
Life Fitness is leaning into strength, launching its Dual-Adjustable Pulley with Stabilization at IHRSA 2024 — a functional trainer that sets the standard for versatility and workout effectiveness.
Designed to deliver the ultimate cable training experience, the new strength product from Life Fitness offers nearly endless strength exercises. The Dual-Adjustable Pulley with Stabilization features a low starting resistance, cabling for dynamic movements and a patented adjustable stability pad for support during key movements.
The functional trainer offers a 12′ cable range, an integrated multi-grip pull-up bar, and includes two long handles, two short handles, a triceps rope and an ankle strap.
To keep a training space accessible and organized, the Dual-Adjustable Pulley with Stabilization allows users to easily swap handles as needed. An adjustable carriage provides smooth transitions using ball bearings and laser-etched numbers for position identification.
credit: Life Fitness

Life Fitness also recently expanded its partnership with EGYM on a Smart Cardio project integrating EGYM’s fitness software with Life Fitness machines, such as its Discover SE4 Console, to provide fitness enthusiasts with real-time workout data, performance tracking and personalized workout recommendations.
“Life Fitness is committed to offering our customers the ability to personalize their equipment experience according to their unique needs,” the company’s chief product officer, Dan Wille, said of the partnership with EGYM. 
Life Fitness will be found at booth #1700 at IHRSA.
Eleiko Showcases Prestera, its New Strength System 
Eleiko is set to showcase its growing Prestera strength system at IHRSA, having recently welcomed new strength evolutions and companion pieces to the system.
Prestera, a modular, customizable strength system, is considered a “growing force” touting varied training methods for free weight, body weight and cable training while offering complete flexibility, versatility and space efficiency. 
Emphasizing a “lifter-first approach” within Prestera, the strength system provides easy adjustability to appeal to a range of lifters and user-defined movements. A new cable system includes several cable training stations available in freestanding, wall-mounted, or multifunction training stations for complete design flexibility. 
The collection comprises the Eleiko Dual Adjustable Pulley, Cable Cross, Single Adjustable Pulley, Lat Pull Down and Low Row stations that can be used alone or as building blocks for customized multi-station configurations. Eleiko will have some of its new stations at IHRSA for users to trial. 
credit: Eleiko

The Prestera system is designed to help gym and club operators make the most out of their space while also giving users the freedom and tools they need to strength train effectively. 
“Space efficiency equals money,” Eleiko CEO Erik Blomberg has told ATN. “You can get more out of the rent that you pay for a facility when you use space more efficiently and offer more training possibilities. But I think it goes to more than that. It also goes to the user experience because people seek efficiency in their own training when they go to a facility.”
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Erik Blomberg (credit: Eleiko)

“If you can structure and order your place in the most efficient way, you will also improve the customer experience, “ Blomberg adds. “That in turn will also drive both membership growth and retention.”
Eleiko will be found at booth #1762 at IHRSA.
True Fitness Prizes Form & Function With Palladium Strength 
True Fitness is headed to IHRSA with an extensive lineup of fitness equipment, showcasing Palladium Series Plate Loaded, its newest line of strength equipment. The 14-piece circuit was designed in the U.S. by True Fitness strength engineers to offer heavy-duty, durable products with innovative features. 
“Throughout the design process, I envisioned a line that not only excels in performance but also becomes a statement in modern gym aesthetics,” said Jim McIntyre, True Fitness Strength Product Manager. “Every detail, from the sleek oval-shaped tubing to the ergonomic grips and height adjustment guides, was meticulously crafted to elevate the user experience.” 
credit: True Fitness

Along with their latest strength equipment, True Fitness will also unveil their next generation of cardio machines and consoles at IHRSA.
“We’ve completely redesigned and reformulated our cardio lines to better represent our offerings to benefit all markets,” said David Trulaske, CMSO for True Fitness. “Customers will experience four new cardio series and three streamlined, user-friendly consoles that can be paired across all cardio equipment.” 
True Fitness will be found at booth #1746 at IHRSA.
BeaverFit Offers Custom Indoor & Outdoor Solutions
BeaverFit, a fitness design, manufacturing and distribution company, is headed to IHRSA to showcase its full line of strength and functional training equipment, all of which can be custom-branded and specifically designed for both indoor and outdoor use.
“This year at IHRSA, BeaverFit will demonstrate why we continue to be the trusted partner in creating training capabilities however you train, wherever you train,” said Nick Vay, BeaverFit’s VP of Commercial Sales. “We are excited to bring back everybody’s favorite – the patented Shred Shed – along with premiering our freestanding Bridge Unit, and numerous new features for our customizable Bay Unit, including an adjustable sliding heavy bag, padded slam wall and more.”
credit: BeaverFit

Having provided solution-based custom training equipment for the U.S. military and boutique fitness studios like Rumble Boxing and MADabolic, BeaverFit also plans to digitally showcase its newly designed SunPro and SunShade, one-of-a-kind solutions that enable its partners to create fully covered outdoor training environments.
BeaverFit will be found at booth #1011 at IHRSA.


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