Best fruit for weight loss ‘increases fat burning’ and targets your belly

Fruit is widely understood as healthy and weight-loss-friendly. According to a doctor of naturopathic medicine, one particular variety comes out on top.Dr Anthony Balduzzi, founder of The Fit Mother Project, shared the “best foods” for weight loss, naming organic blueberries in his top 10.He said that these are “great for reducing abdominal fat and lowering cholesterol”.Dr Anthony advised that eating blueberries is effective in conjunction with working out, citing a study that found that people who ate a cup full of blueberries before exercise “increased their fat-burning” during their workout.Britons should up their intake of one berry if they want to slim downGETTY IMAGESThis is because blueberries upregulate some of our fat-burning genes.In addition to their fat-loss-friendly properties, blueberries have a myriad of health benefits. They are rich in bioflavonoids, which are good for cognitive health, memory and energy production.The expert continued: “They’re loaded with fibre, vitamins and minerals – and they taste delicious.”Dr Anthony told slimmers that while organic blueberries are effective, wild blueberries are even better for burning fat because they’re smaller and have greater concentrations of bioflavonoids. He concluded: “Get more blueberries into your life. You will be healthier for it.”While blueberries make a fabulous diet addition for slimmers, other fruits might actually be hindering your weight loss goals.LATEST DEVELOPMENTS

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