I lost four inches of flab after I went back to the office

Adam designed this five-day gym programme for me as well. Everyday was a full-body weights session. That was a bit of a revelation because I had always thought that you have to do the classic, arms day or legs day or chest day but instead I was doing an all-around approach every day. For me to go from no exercise to five days was just way too daunting. I started on about three days a week but I realised that, if I really wanted to achieve something, I needed to up my game. So I eventually built my way up to training five days a week in the morning and I started swimming more too.In the summer of 2023 I went on holiday with friends, and they commented that I was looking really good. I suspected I was starting to look better but when you see yourself every day in the mirror, it’s really hard to tell. I would have regular catch-ups with Adam and he would show me progress photos back to back and the difference was very noticeable, whereas obviously day-to-day it’s not.Some friends had been on a fitness ‘journey’ before me so I found it really interesting to be able to discuss that with them. But then there were other friends who thought I was being a bit boring, especially when they could see me logging all my food in my app.I’ve lost 10cm around my waist. I actually didn’t even know I had that much to lose.In terms of weight, it didn’t change that much because I was building muscle at the same time. So, I went from 77kg in February 2023 to 69.6kg in February of this year. The actual measurements were most drastic as well as actually seeing physical change.Since I’ve been more active and lifting heavy weights, my lower back problems have pretty much gone away. I think that’s partly because I’m doing more to strengthen my core and my posture is better too. I’ve started putting myself out there more and I’m more confident meeting new people. I stick to single gin and tonics and I don’t drink prosecco.I don’t feel self-conscious going to the gym anymore and I look forward to holidays more; I can take my top off with more confidence. I’ve had more success on dating apps and I’m getting more attention than I used to. I feel more confident reciprocating that attention as well.Other friends have also now said that they want to do the same, now they know that it is achievable and they can reach their goals. I want to keep going. I’m pleased with how things have progressed, but I still want to build more muscle and stay active.What I ate beforeBefore, I always had a devil on one shoulder and an angel on the other, so I had good and bad days. BreakfastA toasted sandwich from Pret. LunchI would go to Wasabi; I loved their tofu curry.


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