Tiger Shroff’s Fitness Routine For Sculpted Abs | Fitness News

Tiger Shroff’s fitness routineIf there’s one actor who has been consistently dedicated to fitness and health, it has got to be Tiger Shroff. A big advocate of working out, Tiger’s fitness routine is well-known, with the actor never skipping a day in the gym. And, if you wish to flaunt a six-pack much like Tiger, prepare yourself, because it’s not for the light-hearted. Recently, Tiger Shroff and Akshay Kumar were on Ranveer Allahbadia’s podcast, opening up about a bunch of things. Their fitness and workout being one of them. And, if much like us, you are obsessed with Tiger’s washboard abs, then here are a few tips and tricks that the actor has shared over the years. Previously, Tiger’s trainer Rajendra Dhole had offered a glimpse into the actor’s rigorous workout regime. Sharing a snippet of Tiger’s routine on Instagram, fans were in awe of the video showcasing Tiger eating, training, dancing and indulging in gymnastics. The post had back then garnered attention from social media users, many of whom were inspired by Tiger’s impressive physique, particularly his strong back muscles.Of course, Tiger’s workout isn’t restricted to just sweating it out in the gym. He has been quite vocal about partaking in martial arts, parkour, weight training and even having a treadmill in his room that allows him to wake up and start his cardio at any hour of the day. A typical day for Tiger ShroffIn an interview, Tiger once mentioned that he starts his day by stepping onto the treadmill for a 45-minute run to get his blood flowing and warm up his body. Subsequently, he engages in either martial arts or gymnastics training. After returning home for lunch, he proceeds to the gym for a workout, targeting different muscle groups on different days. Occasionally, he opts for dance instead of martial arts the next morning. And, believe it or nah, but his three favorite exercises are the deadlift, the free weight squat and the bench press.Not one to ignore his lower body, Tiger’s trainer has mentioned that Tiger does a lot of single-leg exercises to promote balance and stability.Tiger Shroff’s eating habitsWhen asked the secret behind his sculpted abs, Tiger had once advised that ‘you are what you eat’. While the actor has to reduce and increase his weight depending upon the roles he takes up, he usually sticks to protein and veggies on a normal day


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