Alright smart-arse! Now you can turn your butt into a fitness tracker

We’re always telling you about collaborations here on, but this must be the weirdest of the year so far: Assos shorts specially designed to take a Whoop 4.0 sensor that monitors your fitness as you ride. All the cool kids are calling it the Whoop-Ass collab.*

If you’re not familiar with it, Whoop’s 4.0 fitness tracker is a wearable device that measures strain, recovery, and sleep. It collects data on your sleep, heart rate variability (the variation in the time interval between heartbeats), resting heart rate, and respiratory rate and gives you a daily recovery score. Whoop has no display or buttons. Instead, you check out the information on your smartphone.

The Whoop 4.0 is usually worn on a wristband, but various items of compatible clothing are available too. 
Now Whoop has partnered with Assos on Mille GT Whoop Bib Shorts C2 (men’s) and Uma GT Whoop Bib Shorts C2 (women’s). They each feature a pocket specially for your Whoop 4.0 device so it can monitor as you cycle. “Smart cycling apparel” is over-egging it a bit, then; these are shorts with a dinky pocket. 
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“The first-of-its-kind cycling garments will solve the key problems often noted by cyclists by providing enhanced flexibility, comfort and the same accurate data collection as the device on their wrist,” says Whoop.

“There were five pocket locations across the body that were tested in order to choose the optimal location for data and comfort on cyclists, and ensure that the new cycling bib was as accurate as a Whoop on a rider’s wrist. The final location—a left mid-centre glute pocket—emerged as the optimal choice.”
In short, it sits on your butt. Cheeky!
“One key advantage of these cycling shorts is their ability to remain securely in place, ensuring consistent and reliable data capture—even in the most demanding conditions,” says Whoop.

When we reviewed the Assos Mille GT Bib Shorts C2 – minus the Whoop pocket – we praised the performance, fit, and super-comfy pad and awarded a 9/10 rating. These are definitely high-quality shorts.
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The Assos x Whoop shorts are priced at £145 and can be bought on and, and in Assos stores.
* They’re not.

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