Britons can lose fat by making simple snack swap

Belly fat is stubborn and can be difficult to shift, but making the right diet changes will reap results.Science-based fitness expert Jeremy Ethier shared an easy food swap slimmers can make to torch fat. He advised ditching high calorie density crisps in favour of low calorie density popcorn.According to the expert, it’s important to be mindful of calorie density, which means the number of calories in a given weight of food.He explained that while 200 calories of strawberries, mushrooms, spinach or oranges make for a hearty, filling snack, 200 calories of granola, chocolate-covered pretzels or ice cream is a much smaller portion and not as satiating. Fruits, vegetables and low-fat foods are often low-calorie-density foods, which means that even in large portions of them, there are few calories.Fruits are low calorie density foods, meaning that even in large portions of them, there are few caloriesPA IMAGESJeremy said: “Studies have shown that feeling full is more likely to make a person stop eating than the calorie content of the food consumed.”Studies have shown that people who eat lower density foods consume fewer calories every day but end up eating more actual food.”The expert explained that it’s possible to eat 400 calories worth of chocolate and feel hungry afterwards, but also possible to eat 200 calories worth of strawberries and “pretty much eat yourself sick”.The expert said if you make simple swaps from high-calorie-density foods to low-calorie-density foods, “these small changes to your diet will make it almost effortless for you to start losing fat”.Between meals, he advised opting for a low-calorie-density snack of fat-free popcorn as opposed to a high-calorie-density snack of crisps or trail mix. Essentially, 200 calories worth of fat-free popcorn – without the additions of sugar, butter or salt – is a more plentiful, filling snack than 200 calories worth of crisps or trail mix. This is because it wouldn’t take much of either to add up to 200 calories.Jeremy advised: “You want to eat less high-calorie-density foods, and instead add more low to moderate calorie density foods into your diet.”For breakfast, slimmers can swap a 400-calorie portion of granola with a 200-calorie portion of wholegrain cereal and 100-calorie portion of fruit.Alternatively, they can exchange two pieces of toast (around 250 calories in total) for one slice of toast (125 calories) and a bowl of raspberries (50 calories).At dinner time, slimmers can bust fat by swapping two cups of rice (around 410 calories) for one cup of rice and one cup of green peas – making 310 calories in total.It’s possible to enjoy dessert on a weight-loss-friendly diet too, but the expert advised filling up your bowl with low-calorie-density treats.LATEST DEVELOPMENTS

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