Geetanjali Mishra’s summer go-to drinks are natural fruit juices, mom’s ‘aam panna’


Geetanjali Mishra has shared her approach to staying cool and hydrated during the summer months, revealing that she enjoys natural fruit juices and relishes her mother’s homemade ‘aam panna’.

Sharing her fitness routine for the summer, Geetanjali, who portrays Rajesh in the sitcom ‘Happu Ki Ultan Paltan’, shared: “Summertime shouldn’t be an excuse to skip fitness. Often, due to the heat, people tend to skip exercises or indulge in drinks that contain a lot of sugar, which is not healthy.”

“Staying active in the summer can be a challenging task, but with a few modifications to the routine and the right exercises, one can beat the heat and stay fit during the summer. I start my day with yoga and enjoy evening jogs by the sea. I also have dumbbells at home for added stability during floor exercises,” she said.

Geetanjali further said that hydration remains paramount in the heat, whether through water or electrolyte-rich beverages.

“I indulge in natural fruit juices almost daily during the summer, while also occasionally savouring my mom’s homemade ‘aam panna’,” she added.

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