How does Cristiano Ronaldo maintain top fitness at 39?

How does Cristiano Ronaldo maintain top fitness at 39?Al-Nassr’s star Cristiano Ronaldo has given insight into his morning routine, shedding light on his secrets to maintaining top fitness at the age of 39.The renowned footballer, known for his rigorous fitness regimen, has stuck to a disciplined routine throughout his illustrious career spanning two decades, even during his tenure at Mrsool Park since December 2022.
Providing a sneak peek of his morning routine, Ronaldo shared that morning begins with a cold shower followed by greeting his children and soaking in some sunshine to signal the start of the day.”I wake up and take a cold shower, then drink water and go give a hug to my children, then I go out to see the sunshine, so my mind understands that it is morning, then I sit down to drink my coffee and eat breakfast with my family, and then my day begins.”Renowned for his elaborate workout routine, Ronaldo maintains his peak fitness through a mix of warm-up routines, football practice, cardio, and weight training. However, his training sessions typically last 3-4 hours for five days a week, targeting different muscle groups each day.On the field, Ronaldo focuses on technical drills, leg workouts, and intense cardio exercises, while gym sessions include cardio, ab workouts, and weight training.Moreover, emphasising the importance of both physical and mental conditioning, the five-time Ballon d’Or winner ensures he ends his day with a restful eight-hour sleep.

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