Is Misty Slaton Wentworth Too Thin?


Misty Slaton of 1000-lb Sisters has lost a significant amount of weight since bariatric surgery in March 2023.
Misty’s weight loss journey is supported by her siblings who also had weight-loss surgery.
Misty’s dramatic weight loss was noticeable on social media, but she should ensure she loses weight safely.

Misty Slaton Wentworth of 1000-lb Sisters fame has lost a significant amount of weight since having bariatric surgery in March 2023, but she may be losing too much too quickly. The series, which premiered in 2020, centers around the extraordinary weight-loss journeys of Tammy Slaton and Amy Slaton, but their sister, Misty, has also lost weight. Misty has always been close to Tammy Slaton, Amy Slaton, and her other siblings. Unlike her hot-headed siblings, Misty is a cool and calming voice of reason in the usual chaos of the Slaton family. Misty isn’t one to draw attention to herself.

Misty grew up with her siblings in Shawneetown, Illinois. Like her other siblings, Misty struggled with her weight throughout her life. The 1000-lb Sisters season 5 star started putting on even more weight after she got married and had four children. After years of struggling, Misty had bariatric surgery in March 2023, and she looks like a different person these days. She looks dramatically slimmer, and it’s worth asking if Misty is losing too much weight too quickly.

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Misty Slaton Wentworth’s Weight-Loss Journey
She Went Under The Knife

1000-lb Sisters season 5 features a scene where Misty and her other sister, Amanda Halterman, make a big announcement to Tammy, Amy, and their brother, Chris Combs, about wanting to undergo weight-loss surgery. “Me and Misty’s been going to see Dr. Smith,” Amanda told her siblings as Misty stood by. Dr. Eric Smith is the bariatric surgeon who treated both Tammy and their brother Chris. During the discussion, the Slatons discuss their fears about the weight-loss procedure, which can cause complications and even death.

Since Tammy, Amy, and Chris had all undergone the surgery, they understood the procedure could be dangerous, so they were all concerned.

Thankfully, Misty’s surgery went well, as did Amanda’s, and they both went on to lose a lot of weight; however, it’s unknown how much weight Misty lost. The 1000-lb Sisters stars are contractually obligated to reveal information like that on the show, so Misty’s total weight loss number won’t be revealed until next season. Regardless of the number of pounds Misty has shed since surgery, she looks much thinner in recent social media posts. Though it’s great that Misty is losing weight, she should take care to do so in a safe, healthy manner.

Misty Before Weight Loss

She Looked Like A Completely Different Person

Misty’s Facebook account is a treasure trove of family photos taken before and during her weight-loss journey. In 2008, Misty posted a family photo with her husband and four sons. In the photo, she’s wearing a black shirt, and her size has changed significantly compared to her more recent appearances in 1000-lb Sisters. In 2017, Misty posted a photo where she’s standing alongside her husband, David Wentworth. Here, she’s wearing a tank top that highlights her dramatically slimmed-down silhouette.

In March 2022, Misty’s sister, Amy, posted a family photo to Instagram. In the photo, Misty, Amy, and other family members are gathered around a large table during a public event. Seated in the middle, Misty looks slimmer than she looked in earlier family photos. The image caused quite a stir in the comment section because one of the individuals in the photograph is wearing a Trump hat.

As Amy and Tammy’s older sister, Misty has been guiding her sisters over the years.

She has been by their side as they embarked on their weight-loss journeys on 1000-lb Sisters while also pursuing her own weight-loss goals. Before losing weight, Misty was taking multiple diabetes medications to keep her blood sugar in a healthy range. After bariatric surgery, she lost enough weight to no longer need the medication. Being healthy enough to regulate her blood sugar levels without medicine is a huge milestone Misty should be proud of as long as she continues to lose weight safely.

Misty After Weight Loss
A New Woman

Since receiving weight loss surgery, Misty looks completely different in a December 2023 TikTok post. In the looped image, Misty’s face is slimmer than it used to be, and she’s almost unrecognizable. In response to the post, her sister, Amanda Halterman, wrote, ” Big sis is the littlest sis now. I am so proud of you @Doll1976 always have been. You are my goals[sic]. There are no words to express how thankful I am to call you my big sis. Love you.”

Though she has lost a great deal of weight in a short period of time, Misty appears to be healthy and happy.

The Slaton’s Weight Loss Journeys
Family Matters

Watching her sisters, Amy and Tammy, has been a crucial part of Misty’s journey to lose weight. Her sister, Amy, has lost 125 pounds since the show premiered, while her other sister, Tammy, has lost over 400 pounds. Not to be left out of all the weight-loss fun, their step-brother, Chris, lost over 150 pounds through a combination of diet, exercise, and weight-loss surgery. His wife, Brittany Combs, has also expressed interest in bariatric surgery. Overall, it’s been enjoyable to watch the Slatons lose so much weight over the years, and it’s inspiring to see their incredible journeys.

The Slatons have traced the origins of their weight gain back to their difficult childhoods. They attribute it to genetics, emotional eating, and socioeconomic factors. Luckily, Misty and all the other Slaton siblings broke the cycle. 1000-lb Sisters season 6 will likely follow the Slatons as they continue their weight-loss journeys together.

Tammy Slaton Lost 400+ pounds Amy Slaton Lost 125+ pounds Chris Combs Lost 150+ pounds Amanda Halterman Lost 300+ pounds Misty Slaton Wentworth Unknown

1000-lb Sisters

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