JetSet Pilates Coming to SoHo as Fitness Brand Keeps Expanding

Goli Soli, a NASM-certified personal trainer with a background in hot yoga, Pilates and more, signed a deal to bring the upstart Miami brand to NYC
As Pilates takes the boutique fitness world by storm, Miami-based JetSet Pilates has been expanding beyond the Sunshine State as it plots the ambitious goal of 600 franchised studios across the U.S. Now, the modern reformer Reformer Pilates brand is set to take off in New York City.
Bringing JetSet Pilates to NYC’s SoHo neighborhood this summer is Goli Soli, a NASM-certified personal trainer who’s spent 12 years in the fitness industry teaching group and individual classes (hot yoga, bootcamps and mat and Reformer Pilates) domestically and internationally.
Before becoming a JetSet Pilates franchise owner, Soli was a student and instructor, impressed with the brand’s approach to group fitness. 
“Being in the industry for a long time, I’ve tried many different fitness concepts,” Soli told Athletech News. “However, I knew from my very first JetSet class that this was truly at the top of revolutionizing group and individual fitness. Every class was uniquely curated with harmonized playlists and instructors that made every student feel like their best friend. Being both a student and instructor of this studio, I wanted to share this experience with everyone in the Big Apple.”
credit: Goli Soli

In addition to several years of experience in the executive event and communications spaces, Soli holds a Bachelor’s degree in public health with an emphasis in community health, an MBA and a Master’s in higher education. She became passionate about teaching yoga and Pilates after suffering a serious back injury, which she said forced her to reexamine her training techniques.
“With a background in fitness, events and entertainment, every class is an experience for my clients to feel they can show up as their authentic selves and continue to raise the bar for what is possible,” Soli said.
She’s excited to bring JetSet Pilates to SoHo and share the 50-minute class experience and personalized approach with New Yorkers.
“JetSet not only offers an intense full-body workout with cutting-edge instructors, but it also provides a first-class luxurious experience that leaves you feeling deeply euphoric as if you just left the best celebration in the city,” Soli said. “Fusing together elements of strength training, cardio, conditioning, blended playlists, and Pilates-inspired movements all in one, every class unlocks the connection between fitness and mental health.”
credit: JetSet Pilates

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While JetSet Pilates’ SoHo location is slated to open this summer, Soli is already enthusiastic about growing the franchise beyond its New York launch.
“Looking ahead, we definitely have plans of opening additional studios over the next few years,” she said.
JetSet Pilates will open in SoHo this summer (credit: JetSet Pilates)

JetSet Pilates has also signed development deals throughout Texas, North Carolina and Georgia, as well as Australia.
“Each session at JetSet is not just a pilates class; it’s a meticulously curated journey,” JetSet Pilates founder Tamara Galinsky told ATN in February. “What began as a single studio has burgeoned into five corporate locations, with 29 franchised locations in development (at that time) and poised to expand to over 600 franchised studios domestically. This journey has been nothing short of extraordinary.”

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