Spider-Man’s Jacob Batalon opens up about 100-Lb. weight loss journey

Jacob Batalon credits girlfriend for weight loss journey.Spider-Man No Way Home’s star, Jacob Batalon, reflects on his remarkable 100-lb. weight loss journey, highlighting both the mental and physical transformations he underwent over the years. Speaking to E! News, Batalon emphasized the newfound ability to commit, a trait that previously hindered his progress both in weight management and professional endeavors. 

“I’ve learned that I’m definitely able to commit,” he expressed. “That was something that hindered me before with my weight and with work.” The star acknowledged the challenges of maintaining health while on set, emphasizing the need for discipline and professionalism. “I feel like it’s easy to be on set all day, snack and just pass out in your trailer for a few hours,” he explained. “I’ve really had to control that side of me and be professional and on point with my health, because health is wealth.” In a December 2021 interview with Men’s Health,he revealed that his weight loss journey was fueled by a plant-based diet and a rigorous exercise routine.Jacob disclosed his decision to embark on a health and fitness journey towards the end of 2019. Recognizing the adverse effects of his sedentary lifestyle and unhealthy eating habits, Batalon experienced fatigue even during non-physical tasks. Struggling with simple activities like climbing stairs without getting out of breath, he had a wake-up call when confronted with his physical appearance without a shirt on. Motivated to make a change, Batalon committed to a rigorous workout regimen under the guidance of a trainer, dedicating six days a week to gym sessions lasting about 90 minutes each. His workouts consisted of an hour of weightlifting paired with thirty minutes of cardio throughout 2020. Alongside exercise, he adopted a plant-based diet, encouraged by his girlfriend Brooke Reyna, noting the positive impact it had on his body compared to his previous meat-heavy diet.


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