Brittany Mahomes spills fitness secrets as she reveals workout routine

Brittany Mahomes spills fitness secret Brittany Mahomes recently got candid about her fitness secret, offering insight into how she prepared her for SI swimsuit in a week.Sharing that her key to staying in shape is “consistency,” Mahomes talked about looking “chic” in a pinch.

The former soccer player provided an inside glimpse into feeling her best after she was given “literally a week’s notice” ahead of the modelling gig.Revealing how she managed things just ahead of time, Brittany took to Instagram on May 30, to share the incredible journey with her followers.She captioned: “I always preach that staying consistent in the gym and fueling my body well is what helps me be the best version of myself year-round, not just during swimsuit season!”As for Brittany, who takes pride in a “simple but effective leg day” workout, goes about heavily relying on single leg deadlifts, pause squats, curtsey lunges, and banded hip thrusts.Speaking exclusively to E! News earlier this month, Brittany said she believes consistency goes “hand-in-hand” with personal wellness.She explained that her fitness-focused mindset allowed her to recover quickly from a fracture.Brittany revealed: “I’m finally fully recovered and back to doing the things that I’ve always been able to do.”

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