Ed Sheeran opens up about his ‘fat phase’ and weight loss struggle

Ed Sheeran reveals he avoided eating THIS food during ‘dieting phase’Ed Sheeran has opened up about his weight loss journey, revealing that his unhealthy diet led him to pile on the pounds.In an interview on the Session 24 podcast, the 33-year-old singer shared that he became overweight after eating “chicken wings for a year and a half.””I was in my fat phase … in America, I used to think no carbs meant no bread, no fries,” said Ed. “I was like ‘I can eat chicken wings’ and I just ate chicken wings for a year and a half. And I put on four stone.”Ultimately, the Bad Habits hit maker decided to embark on a weight-loss journey.”I’m prone to putting on a lot of weight and what I found is just going to the gym regularly and trying to portion size,” Ed revealed.He added, “I don’t have an off switch. If I have one thing to eat, the off switch is there. Like if I have that, then I won’t be like I need to order another and another.” “If everything is in front of me then I will eat it.”


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