Man who has lost 9.5 stone says weight loss secret is down to simple thing anybody can do

Published 14:10 10 Jun 2024 GMT+1The young lad has inspired others to follow in his footsteps and has a key tip A man who has lost 9.5 stone says the secret to weight loss is down just a simple thing that anybody can do.Jack Self weighed in at 24st 10.5lbs when he decided it was time to make a change for good back in March 2023.The lad from Bolton had been struggling with his weight for years and was feeling limited in what exercise he could do to help it.So, despite feeling a little hesitant because there wasn’t really any other young men, the student decided to sign up to his local Slimming World Group.Proving it’s not just for every other mum and a couple of dads to join, Self had already seen his partner having success by following it.Jack Self has been working hard to feel healthier. (Jack Self/MEN Media)And since joining the weight loss organisation, the 23-year-old has managed to drop an amazing 9.5 stone to help him become a healthier weight.“My confidence has grown massively,” he told Manchester Evening News. “I am now four sizes smaller and the issue of not finding clothes that fit is no longer.“My mobility and physical limitations are also a thing of the past as I am now very active and enjoy fitness.READ MORE: WOMAN CONVINCED SHE’D KILLED HUSBAND AFTER WAKING UP TO CRIME SCENEEXPERT ISSUES WARNING IF YOU’RE SUDDENLY HAVING NIGHTMARES“My health feels like it has greatly improved, and day-by-day I feel as if 14 months ago was a lot longer.”Feeling plenty of benefits in his lifestyle, he’s also racked up over 25,000 followers on TikTok, where he shares meal ideas and recipes as ‘fatboyslimmer00’.And while he says his weight loss has been so successful due to following a Slimming World diet plan, counting his calories, going for walks and the odd run here and there, there’s one other key tip he shares for anyone looking to do the same.Jack never cuts out the foods he loves. (Jack Self/MEN Media)With a target weight of 13.5st, Self says to never cut out things you enjoy eating. “I have one night a week where I enjoy myself and have something I wouldn’t have for the rest of the week,” he explained.The lad admits he didn’t ‘notice how big’ he had become and how much weight he’d put on but has ‘come a long way’ now.“I’m beginning to feel proud of what I’ve achieved so far,” he added.Catherine Cleary, the group’s consultant, said: “Jack’s dedication has undoubtedly brought a new dynamic to the evening session, which now boasts three more men inspired by his progress.”She added that his story is not ‘just about weight loss’ but is ‘about gaining a healthier, more vibrant life’.Featured Image Credit: Jack Self/MENTopics: Health, TikTok

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