Polycystic ovary syndrome: Women say they were ‘ignored’ by GPs

Laaraib Khan, 24, also from Leeds, reported a similar experience.Although she received her diagnosis at the age of 13 after her mother pushed her GP to take her complaints seriously, in the past 11 years she said she had been given “little support” and was left to manage the syndrome herself.”You have to lean on other women who are going through it rather than going to your GP, who will most likely turn you away,” she said.”When you do go, you’re told to manage your weight, go outside, go to the gym, go on a mental health walk.”Women with this condition have been told by their GP that they will struggle to lose weight, so how will my weight problems be solved by going on a walk or going to the gym more?”Online support groups and resources such those provided by Verity PCOS UK have all been vital in providing Ms Khan with information, but she said she had researched them herself rather than being signposted by health services.”It’s frustrating having to take charge of it and find help yourself.”GPs should be sharing more knowledge on it and pointing us in the direction of where we can get help.”


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