Best fruit for weight loss ‘increases fat burning’ and targets your belly

Fruit is widely understood as healthy and weight-loss-friendly. According to a doctor of naturopathic medicine, one particular variety comes out on top.Dr Anthony Balduzzi, founder of The Fit Mother Project, shared the... Read more »

Amped Fitness Launches Luxury Gym With Classic Florida Architecture

Fountains, statues and an espresso bar await members at Amped’s Signature location, a departure from the gym chain’s normal HVLP offerings Amped Fitness, an amenity-reach high-value, low-price (HVLP) gym chain, is opening... Read more »

Why eating within limited hours may help with weight loss

A number of studies have suggested that eating only during a limited window of time can help some people lose weight. But it’s unclear why: Does the strategy just help people eat... Read more »

European Gyms See Record Revenues, Strong Membership Growth

European health/fitness center revenue and membership numbers have topped pre-pandemic levels for the first time, with more growth ahead Europe is experiencing a fitness boom, with health and fitness center revenue and... Read more »

Sleep Apnea Reduced in People Who Took Zepbound, Eli Lilly Reports

The pharmaceutical manufacturer Eli Lilly announced on Wednesday that its obesity drug tirzepatide, or Zepbound, provided considerable relief to overweight or obese people who had obstructive sleep apnea, or episodes of stopped... Read more »

With New President, BFT Eyes Massive Growth in North America

Duncan Cork, a franchising expert and one of the execs behind F45’s rapid expansion in the US, will look to turn BFT into a household name in North America’s boutique fitness scene... Read more »

Meg Lanning: Former Australia captain says weight loss and insomnia led to international retirement

Meg Lanning (centre with trophy) took a break in 2022 before returning to win the T20 World Cup in February 2023Meg Lanning says that her relationship with food and exercise “spiralled” and... Read more »

People treated after suspected chemical incident at gym

Thirteen people have been treated in hospital for respiratory symptoms following a suspected chemical incident at a gym. They reported feeling unwell on Tuesday evening after visiting M Club Spa and Fitness... Read more »

M Club Festival Park: ‘Number of patients’ in A&E after using Stoke fitness centre | UK | News

A “number of patients” are being treated in hospital following a suspected chemical incident. The patients are believed to have used M Club Festival Park before paramedics were called to three different... Read more »

‘I lost 3.6 stone – my weight loss accelerated once I dialled back on one type of exercise’

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