‘Dry skin is real’: Ayurvedic practitioner shares important skincare tips

Come winter and many individuals complain of dry and flakey skin. While some might discover aid after making use of moisturisers, different discover a resolution in holding themselves hydrated all through the day.

But what if neither of those be just right for you? “Dry skin is actual,” mentioned Ayurvedic practitioner Dr Alka Vijayan, including: “particularly for these with vata aggravation (dryness at intestine stage).”

What are the signs of dry skin?
As per the practitioner, whether or not dry lips, parched skin or cracked foot, the signs of dry skin have the “similar root trigger”.
“If your skin has out of the blue turned dry then that’s ‘vikruti’ or state of imbalance of doshas (illness); but when it has been so all the time, then that’s your ‘prakruti (what you had been born with),” she mentioned on Instagram.
She mentioned: 
*Body butter and lotions would assist to some prolong, however past a degree, as age progresses, it will require main dietary and life-style modification.

*There are instances when even gallons of water might not come helpful (in contrast to the favored delusion).
*You might have extra flab hanging unfastened, that’s indicative of extra fats molecules on the undesired websites and deprivation of the identical on the important websites — mind, bone, skin.
“Our physique wants fats. Don’t deprive it of the ample amount of fats required for wholesome functioning of the system,” she talked about.
As per Dr Vijayan, water alone is not the answer for dry skin, however “good fat too”.
What form of good fat ought to you’ve?
A handful of nuts, a touch of olive oil, slices of coconut, and ghee are good fat that ought to be a part of your every day meal.

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