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SATURDAY, Aug. 6, 2022 (HealthDay News) — Pickleball has develop into a wildly in style sport for older Americans, however seniors who get pleasure from enjoying it ought to find out about potential accidents and methods to keep away from them. The commonest drawback is with the rotator cuff tendon within the shoulder, which may trigger ache. Issues can included tendonitis, bursitis and even a tear within the tendon. Bigger tears are tougher to repair and may make your arm weak.”The unlucky actuality of the rotator cuff is that on a regular basis use may cause tearing and harm,” stated Dr. Bruce Moseley, a surgeon within the Joseph Barnhart Department of Orthopedic Surgery at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston. “You don’t essentially should do something flawed or irregular to get a rotator cuff tear — in lots of cases it simply occurs as a consequence of dwelling,” he stated in a university information launch.For lots of people, it’s not an accident or harm that causes rotator cuff harm, however use over time. Pickleball requires folks to achieve overhead whereas utilizing numerous pressure, which may danger damaging or tearing the rotator cuff. Tears aren’t all the time preventable, however stretching and light-weight or reasonable energy coaching might preserve it more healthy and extra versatile.”If you heat up and stretch earlier than your exercise and ice down afterwards, your shoulder will probably be higher ready for the exercise and can get better faster,” Moseley stated.If you might be experiencing shoulder ache, do not wait to see a health care provider.”The success fee of surgical procedure to completely repair the issue goes down as the scale of the tear goes up, so for those who’re having lingering shoulder ache that is not getting higher over time and the ache is getting worse because the exercise continues, I really helpful seeing a specialist,” Moseley stated. “If we will get to the tear and repair it whereas it’s small, the success fee is way larger.”The solely option to restore a torn rotator cuff is thru surgical procedure. Living with it may be painful and restrict motion, and it could be tough to stay energetic. Other potential racquet sports activities accidents are meniscus tears, tendon ruptures and aggravation of arthritic knees.”Considering seeing a doctor if in case you have ache that will get progressively worse within the shoulder or ache that persists for a very long time after your exercise. These could also be warning indicators of a torn rotator cuff tendon, so be sure to get it checked,” Moseley stated.More infoThe U.S. National Library of Medicine has extra on rotator cuff accidents.SOURCE: Baylor College of Medicine, information launch, Aug. 2, 2022

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