Celebs Who’ve Addressed The Ozempic Weight Loss Trend

Semaglutide, the injectable drug offered beneath model names like Ozempic and Wegovy, has apparently grow to be fashionable with an unintended crowd: celebrities seeking to dramatically reduce weight.This is a giant downside for individuals with kind 2 diabetes who use Ozempic to handle their blood sugar and cut back their threat of coronary heart issues and different issues. The FDA first accredited semaglutide in 2017 for kind 2 diabetes and once more in 2021 beneath the model title Wegovy. It was accredited for “power weight administration in adults with weight problems or chubby with a minimum of one weight-related situation,” together with hypertension, diabetes or excessive ldl cholesterol. However, the recognition of the drug to lose just some kilos by individuals who wouldn’t usually be candidates for therapy has led to a scarcity, making it troublesome for some who want semaglutide to entry it.While only some celebrities say they’ve taken Ozempic or Wegovy, many have shared their opinions, together with a number of who’ve denied taking them. Here are the celebrities who’ve spoken out publicly in regards to the pattern.Celebrities who’ve mentioned they’ve taken Ozempic or WegovyChelsea Handler


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