From ‘Rizz’ to ‘Authentic’: Decoding the linguistic trends and understanding the words that defined 2023 – Lifestyle News

From ‘Rizz’ to ‘Authentic’: Decoding the linguistic trends and understanding the words that defined 2023 – Lifestyle News

As we bid farewell to 2023, dictionaries have cast their linguistic ballots, declaring the Words of the Year that encapsulate the spirit of the times. This linguistic snapshot reveals a year marked by diversity, where the pinnacle of technological terminology starkly contrasts with the human yearning for authenticity.

Regardless of the chosen words’ nature and meanings, a clear truth emerges – language is a dynamic force, constantly evolving within the ever-changing boundaries of our tech-driven world.

Exploring the Words of the Year 2023: A Tech-Infused Tapestry

In the realm of lexicons, a plethora of words vied for the coveted title of Word of the Year, each capturing a unique facet of our collective experience. However, one tech titan reigned supreme, dominating the selections of both Collins and Cambridge dictionaries – “artificial intelligence” (AI).

Collins opted for brevity, choosing the succinct “AI,” while Cambridge embraced the term “hallucinate” in its new AI-related context. This choice reflects society’s simultaneous fascination and anxiety regarding AI’s ability to craft convincing yet deceptive realities.

In a contrasting stance, Merriam-Webster veered towards the human touch by anointing “authentic” as its Word of the Year. This choice mirrors society’s growing insistence on genuineness, spurred by the rise of deepfakes and carefully curated online personas.

Merriam-Webster, in its announcement, noted the substantial increase in searches for “authentic” in 2023, driven by discussions around AI, celebrity culture, identity, and social media. The elusive nature of authenticity, subject to debate and challenging to define, propelled many to consult the dictionary.

Beyond the Spotlight: Oxford’s Whimsical Word Choice

Standing in stark contrast to its counterparts, Oxford University Press (OUP), the custodian of the Oxford English Dictionary (OED), chose the whimsical word “rizz” as its Word of the Year. This slang term, denoting style, charm, and attractiveness in the context of attracting a romantic or sexual partner, showcases a lighthearted departure from the weightier selections.

Interestingly, “rizz” also found its place among the 13 words listed by Merriam-Webster, underscoring the burgeoning influence of Gen Z and their internet-driven lexicon. OUP’s shortlist included seven other contenders, such as “situationship,” “beige flag,” “de-influencing,” “parasocial,” “heat dome,” “prompt,” and “Swiftie,” offering a diverse glimpse into the linguistic landscape of 2023.

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