How Duff Goldman’s Daughter Josephine Inspired His 40-Lb. Weight Loss

“Making the right decisions becomes so much less of a chore,” the Food Network star tells PEOPLE of getting healthy for his daughterChris McPherson Duff Goldman in his outdoor gym with daughter Josephine, 2.For Duff Goldman, getting healthy was a no-brainer.“I’m 48. I’ve got a 2-year-old. You do the math,” he tells PEOPLE in this week’s issue, on newsstands now.Duff and his wife Johnna welcomed their daughter Josephine in 2021. As Josephine has gotten older and more mobile, Duff has made some lifestyle changes to keep up with her.At his home in Los Angeles on set for his PEOPLE photo shoot, Duff looks down at the black T-shirt he’s wearing and explains, “This was the first shirt that started to not fit. So I hung it up next to my treadmill for motivation.”Related: Go Inside Duff Goldman’s Unique L.A. Home Where He Makes Toys, Plays Music and Is ‘Building Stuff Constantly’Now he starts every morning by taking in the sunrise while working out in his outdoor gym.“Making the right decisions becomes so much less of a chore because you’re making those decisions for somebody that’s relying on you,” he says, referring to Josephine.Duff — who lost 40 lbs. in six months — has been documenting his journey on his fitness Instagram, @beefcakecookie. He shows fans how he balances his nutrition while making (and tasting) baked goods for a living.He shared, for example, that before traveling to a food festival, he meal prepped for the 48 hours that he would be away — and even ate his meal while in the air.”I’ve noticed that if I get my feet on the floor and do my first task of the day (drinking a glass of water) right when I wake up, everything else gets smoother from there,” he wrote in another Instagram post. “If I don’t drink my water and go straight for coffee I find that I’m mentally behind a little all day. Like they say make your bed every morning so you accomplish that first task. It really makes a difference.”Story continues”I think that’s why an early morning workout sets the stage for the rest of the day to be great,” he added.For more on Duff Goldman, pick up the latest issue of PEOPLE, on newsstands now.For more People news, make sure to sign up for our newsletter!Read the original article on People.

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