Zara McDermott shares worrying health news while boyfriend Sam Thompson is in I’m a Celeb jungle

Former Love Island star Zara McDermott appears to be the picture of health, regularly showing insights into her fitness routine and clean eating regime on Instagram, but on Thursday the 26-year-old shared that she’s recently had a health scare, and it’s forced her to rethink her lifestyle.Chatting to fans via a Q&A on Instagram Stories, Zara revealed she’s been diagnosed with a hereditary health condition, sharing: “I recently found out I have early signs of developing osteoporosis (my mum and nan both have it!)” before explaining that it had prompted her to make lifestyle changes.Speaking about her coffee choice, Zara said: “I always have a skinny mocha! I used to be an almond milk gal but I recently found out I have early signs of developing osteoporosis (my mum and nan both have it!) so I started making switches to get more calcium in my diet. Starting with my coffee!”
© InstagramZara McDermott has changed her lifestyle habits
According to the NHS, osteoporosis is a health condition that weakens bones, making them fragile and more likely to break.It develops slowly over several years and is often only diagnosed when a fall or sudden impact causes a bone to break.On top of her coffee changes, Zara’s fitness-focused lifestyle will also help to safeguard her against the condition.Zara is known to be a huge fan of strength training, and according to personal trainer from MotivatePT, Bea Franchini, her fondness for weight training could be key in looking after herself.”We can remedy [the risk of osteoporosis] with the right exercise – stronger muscles mean denser bones and healthier joints. I recommend incorporating weight training into your routine, such as adding resistance weights or resistance bands to your usual workouts.”Boutique gym group Circuit Society agrees, adding: “Resistance training maintains bone density and is preventive against osteoporosis,” while yoga studio East of Eden suggests yoga and Pilates to help with the condition.LOOK: Inside Zara McDermott and Sam Thompson’s £1m London home with secret cinema room “Low-impact workouts are especially beneficial for increasing bone density which is vital in preventing osteoporosis,” they say.Indeed, the NHS says to prevent the onset of the condition, we should exercise regularly to keep our bones as strong as possible and concentrate on healthy eating, including foods rich in calcium and vitamin D – just like Zara is doing.
© Ken McKay/ITV/ShutterstockZara McDermott is making lifestyle changes to support her health
As for vitamin D, taking a daily supplement containing 10 micrograms of vitamin D is advised.READ: How I’m a Celeb star Sam Thompson’s ADHD affects home life with Zara McDermott We’re glad Zara is looking after herself! If you need support with osteoporosis, visit The Royal Osteoporosis Society, the UK’s national charity for osteoporosis. Learn how to be happier with our HELLO! Happiness Hub

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