Aussie shocked over ‘crazy’ prices of breakfast roll and iced coffee: ‘Ripped off’

Think the cost-of-living crisis is crazy?Well spare a thought for this Aussie customer who forked out an “absolutely crazy” amount of money on his breakfast menu items.The diner was left shocked at the price of two egg and bacon rolls and two iced coffees at a beachside cafe in Darwin.Newsletters: Our top lifestyle news direct to your inbox. Subscribe now “For the doubters: Yes, I really paid $77 for two bacon and egg rolls and two iced coffees at a Darwin beachside cafe yesterday,” the man said in a Reddit thread.The two bacon and egg rolls with the addition of avocado cost a whopping $44.While the two cups of iced coffees came to a total of $20 — plus an extra $6 for ice cream.The receipt didn’t end there. The customer also had to pay a $7 Sunday surcharge — bringing the total to $77.An Aussie has been left shocked at the price of two bacon and egg rolls and two iced coffees at a beachside cafe in Darwin.  Credit: RedditThe post was met with more than 300 comments — with many stunned over the receipt.“That’s why I don’t go out anymore,” one said.Another said: “You got ripped off big time”.“Charging an extra $3 for ice cream, that should already be included in a $10 iced coffee,” one suggested.Another said: “And the audacity to add a Sunday surcharge”.One asked: “That is absolutely crazy. Were they any good at least?” to which the customer replied: “Yes! To be fair, it was really nice food — but I still had to do a double take when I saw the cost.Meanwhile, one pointed out: “Don’t people check the prices before they order?”The customer responded: “Sadly I have no excuse. I was with someone who suggested the brekky rolls, then I went straight to the counter and ordered without viewing a menu.“I’ve learnt my lesson about tapping without paying attention and walking away.”A NSW cafe was recently slammed for charging customers $4 for a babycino, the same price as a cup of piccolo. Credit: Facebook Credit: FacebookRecently, a NSW cafe was slammed for charging customers $4 for a babycino, the same price as a cup of piccolo.An Australian patron complained on social media about the unreasonable cost of the child’s frothy cup of steamed milk when she visited the venue with her family.“Seriously?! I understand inflation and the costs of running a small hospitality business but do you really need to charge $4 for about 50mL of milk?” the mum said in a Facebook group.“I have never known anyone ever to order a babycino only, there’s always coffees (and money) being made already with the order. In our case, $38.“We don’t go out much but is this the norm now?”The mum shared a picture showing three empty cups taped to a wall with prices of the beverages — including $8 for a large iced latte or adult milkshake, $7 for a small iced latte or kids milkshake and $4 for a babycino or piccolo.Many were “gobsmacked” over the “pretty outrageous” price of the babycino.“I have never seen a babycino more than $2,” one said.Another shared: “That’s absolutely ridiculous no way I would pay $4 for a babycino especially because I get a latte and it would just be the bit of foam off the top of the milk they use for it.”However, one suggested: “The people spending money on this are literally part of the problem.”For more engaging lifestyle content, visit 7Life on Facebook.Aussie cafe diner’s fury after being charged $22 for ‘saddest’ dish2 min read‘Ridiculous’ price of ‘breakfast alternative’ at Aussie cafe leaves shoppers gobsmacked 3 min read

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