Jadakiss Proves His Fitness Is On A ‘Different’ Level

Jadakiss has been on a big health kick as of late, but he swears he’s on a whole other level right now when it comes to his fitness.On Tuesday (March 5), the legendary LOX rapper shared a peek into his gym regimen in a post to his Instagram Story – and going hard was an understatement.“My frequency is different,” Kiss captioned the video as he had a pair of battling ropes moving at an intense rate.You can view the clip below:Jadakiss isn’t the only athlete in the family, however, as his oldest son recently showed off his commendable strength while working out at the gym.In a TikTok video posted last month, Jaewon hit various pull-up bars and didn’t even break a sweat as he effortlessly maneuvered his body.“Ooh, that was nice!” and “Money!” were among the many compliments the person behind the camera exclaimed while filming the exercise.In addition to inheriting Jadakiss’ athleticism, Jaewon also has his father’s gift with words. Last year, he linked up with the My Train of Thought podcast for a brief chat followed by a freestyle over his dad’s iconic “Put Ya Hands Up” beat, demonstrating his abilities as a second-generation MC.“I could switch whips up seven days a week/ Have seven different chicks each night stay with me/ Fuck, I’m a big dog like Clifford the Big Red/ Mo’ money mo’ problems like B.I.G. said,” he rapped, establishing a style of his own while carrying on his parent’s legacy.related newsJadakiss Wants NBA To Stop ‘Snubbing’ Him For All-Star Celebrity Game: ‘I Did Everything!’March 4, 2024Jadakiss and his son are also in business together as they recently launched their own coffee brand called Kiss Café together.“This coffee is for all coffee lovers,” the 48-year-old veteran said in a press release when it launched in 2022. “No specific age or background or knowledge. Coffee is a universal and a personal thing. Everyone enjoys it differently. And, we’re here to help them do that.”Jae then added: “It’s real. No gimmicks. It’s been in our family for well over 40 years and everything we do here is from the core.”Jadakiss’ own father has been a part of the coffee industry since 1977 and is currently the president and CEO of Caturra Corp, a boutique firm specializing in international green coffees. According to Bob Phillips, seeing his son dive into the industry is one of his proudest achievements.“There is no greater honor than taking what you’ve learned in this life and inspiring your family to join you and bring that pursuit to the next level,” he said.


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