Fireside Chat: Wodify’s Brendan Rice on Hybrid Fitness Misconceptions

Rice shares his thoughts on what a successful digital strategy actually looks like for gyms and studios, including whether brands should create their own content
In this exclusive “Fireside Chat” interview, Brendan Rice, CEO of Wodify, a leading software provider for fitness brands, joins Athletech News Founder and CEO Edward Hertzman to discuss how gyms and studios can set up a winning hybrid fitness strategy as well as the pitfalls that come with misunderstanding what it means to be a brick-and-mortar brand that also plays in the digital space
Rice and Hertzman take listeners back through the pandemic and into the future, explaining how some brands have digitized already — and why others need to do so moving forward in order to be successful in the coming years.

Watch the full interview here for expert commentary on the following:
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Key Talking Points:

(0:00 – 1:00) Introductions
(1:00 – 3:49) The pandemic’s influence on hybrid fitness
(3:49 – 6:12) What does hybrid fitness really mean?
(6:12 – 9:12) Wodify’s usage of data and analytics 
(9:12 – 10:46) Being a tech provider, not a vendor
(10:46 – 14:16) Misconceptions about “digital” fitness
(14:16 – 18:40) Common mistakes in establishing hybrid fitness
(18:40 – 20:08) Importance of patience in building an audience and engagement
(20:08 – 22:16) Digital tools gyms must have in 2024
(22:16 – 25:55) How Wodify has helped CrossFit and Jiu-Jitsu studios 
(25:55 – 29:32) The future of hybrid fitness
(29:32 – 30:47) Wrap-up

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