Is ‘Ozempic face’ real? Here’s what sudden weight loss does to your body

(Ozempic and Mounjaro have another benefit: treating inflammation)Where you’re likely to lose subcutaneous fat will depend at least in part on genetic factors and on your diet quality. The good news is, if you lose a substantial amount of weight, visceral fat around the organs—including the liver, kidney, and heart—will be reduced, which can help these organs function better, Apovian says. “There’s no doubt: You’re going to be metabolically healthier.”In addition, inflammation will decrease in the joints, she adds, and so will the pressure that’s put on them. “If you lose 10 pounds, it’s like taking 30 pounds off the joints,” says Cheskin. Besides easing wear and tear on the joints, getting to a lighter weight can improve someone’s mobility because they’re moving less weight.Drawbacks of downsizingThe unfortunate news: Losing weight rapidly is associated with a loss of muscle mass, says Kushner. “That’s not good because it can lead to weakness, fatigue, and sarcopenia”—a gradual loss of muscle mass and strength that occurs with aging. You want to prevent or delay that downturn as much as possible, which is why sufficient protein intake and regular strength-training are essential during weight loss.In addition, skin changes and hair loss can occur with major downsizing. “The more rapid the weight loss and the greater the calorie deficit, the more the body starts downregulating systems that aren’t essential [for survival],” Kushner says. This can lead to pauses in cell proliferation in the hair, nails, and skin, resulting in hair loss, brittle nails, and loss of elasticity in the skin. These functions will eventually recover but it’s likely to take time.

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