‘Burn fat’ and change body composition by adding one type of exercise to your routine

Exercise can help you achieve the body you want by toning specific areas and promoting fat-burning. Cardio and strength training are both important types of exercise for different reasons, and they impact the body in different ways. When discussing the best exercises to “burn fat”, fitness and nutrition advisor at Fortune Recommends Health Dr Chris Mohr discussed the benefits of both types of exercise. He said they both contribute to weight loss and are great for improving overall health. Resistance training can boost the metabolism GETTYHe told GB News: “It is beneficial to combine cardiovascular and strength training when trying to lose weight and maintain muscle. “Cardio exercises like running, cycling or swimming are excellent for improving cardiovascular health, while strength training is great for building muscle mass, which is often called the organ of longevity.”Cardio exercise gets the heart rate up and can help you burn a lot of calories in a short amount of time. Resistance training can include using free weights, fitness machines or carrying out bodyweight moves.Building muscle will help tone the body and create definition without the number on the scales necessarily dropping. Dr Mohr continued: “More muscle can mean shifting body composition, giving people a look they may prefer, even if the scale doesn’t reflect a loss. “Mixing a variety of exercises also helps keep your routine engaging.”Those looking to lose a few pounds will get better results when combining exercise with a healthy diet plan.Burpees are an effective fat-burning cardio exerciseGETTYThe expert continued: “Some examples include lean proteins like chicken, turkey and pork along with all the veggies and fruit because the protein helps with muscle repair and the fibre is amazing for your health and helps fill you up.”Fish, such as salmon is also a great protein-rich option because it is loaded with omega-3 fatty acids that promote heart health and improve overall health.”High-protein foods are particularly beneficial when exercising as protein is essential for building muscle. The doctor added the best “all-around food” is legumes as these are packed full of protein and fibre.


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