Michael Mosley: The guinea-pig guru of middle aged spread

It is not an exaggeration to say Dr Michael Mosley transformed people’s lives.For those who feared the growing waistline bulge over a straining belt was just an inevitable and depressing part of life, his cheerful, experimental approach to better health offered a solution that seemed to work for many.Tributes are now pouring in for the TV, radio presenter and author, who over two decades produced programmes and books that were watched, listened to and read by millions of people.And among them are many who have spoken about how he inspired them to change their lives.For publisher Emma Waring his Fast 800 recipes taught her how to eat “in a way that allowed me to lose weight while still enjoying satisfying and delicious food”.Reacting to his death, she wrote: “I am >6.5 stone lighter and healthier for life thanks to him. Sad, sad news.”Some studies have questioned this approach to weight loss, but Labour’s former deputy leader, Tom Watson, said Mosley was “a hero to me” – after he lost more than seven stone (44kg) and was able to stop taking drugs to regulate his type 2 diabetes.”It’s hard to describe how upset I am by this news,” he wrote on Sunday. “Through courageous, science-based journalism, Michael Mosley has helped thousands of people get well and healthy. I’m one of them.”There are many others who have taken inspiration from his work.For instance, the actor Benedict Cumberbatch took up his 5:2 diet to slim down for his role in the BBC series Sherlock.Author Jeanette Winterson wrote about the transformative effects of fasting on cholesterol, joint pain and general wellbeing after being inspired by him.And when I met Mosley one day for a quick interview at a public event I was struck by the queue of people near him waiting to say thank you.


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