Scott Disick was drinking 20 sodas a day before taking weight-loss drugs

Scott Disick admitted his diet was “horrible” before his dramatic weight loss.

Scott Disick reveals he was eating an entire bag of Hawaiian rolls and drinking 20 ginger ales a day before slimming down with the help of a weight-loss medication.

During Thursday’s episode of “The Kardashians,” Khloé Kardashian gushed about how “amazing” Disick, 41, looked but suggested he “stop losing weight.”

Although the Talentless founder said he wanted to shed a few more pounds, he explained the drastic difference in his lifestyle since going on a weight loss journey.

“Honestly, I had no idea how horrible it was,” he said.

Disick revealed he used to eat a pack of Hawaiian rolls each night. Hulu

“I didn’t realize what I was doing,” he said. Hulu

Disick told Kardashian and Kris Jenner that he was “pounding a whole box” of Hawaiian rolls every night.

“I love them,” he said. “But I didn’t realize what I was doing.”

The father of three also didn’t realize that ginger ale was “the same as a soda.”

“It just seemed like it was a soothing drink,” he explained, noting that he would drink cans of ginger ale “all day.”

He was also drinking 20 ginger ales per day. Hulu

He thought ginger ale was a “soothing drink” and not soda. GC Images

“I was going through 20 gingers a day,” he revealed as Kardashian looked shocked.

However, Disick has since changed his ways. During an episode of the hit Hulu show last month, he gave Jenner and Kardashian a glimpse into his healthy lifestyle — including inside his fridge.

His shelves were filled with sauces, low-calorie drinks, fruit almond milk and Mounjaro, a weight-loss drug.

“Wow, you’re really being healthy!” Kardashian exclaimed.

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The Talentless founder seemingly cleaned up his diet when he started taking a weight-loss drug. Hulu

He has since shown off his drastically slimmer figure. Disney

The episode then cut to an older scene of the Good American founder peeking into Disick’s fridge, which was notably filled with ginger ale, juices and energy drinks.

“You’re really living large these days,” she said, to which he replied, “I’ve gained a lot of weight here because of my back.”

Are you keeping up? More on the Kardashians:

Disick sustained a serious back injury in 2022 following a terrifying car crash, which left him unable to work out and subsequently caused a significant weight gain.

At the time, Kardashian said Disick was “the unhealthiest” she had ever seen him.

He reportedly stopped taking Mounjaro amid concern he was too thin. Scott Disick/Instagram

However, he has never spoken about taking the medication.

However, after years of being in a “bad place,” Disick turned to the celeb-loved weight loss drug.

Although he has never publicly spoken about the medication, a source told the Daily Mail in April that he stopped taking the drug after fans voiced concerns over him looking sickly.

“He thought he looked good because he was thinner again – not realizing that this was not healthy,” the source shared.

Due to his tricky history with food, the reality TV star reportedly turned to a nutritionist to help him manage the transition.

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