Since I lost six stone, I’m no longer seen as messy, needy and lazy

The operation, which took place in February 2019, took a few hours, and it took me a good week to recover from it, but I was up and walking about within 48 hours, and back to solid foods within two weeks.Then – magic seemed to happen. After surgical recovery, I ate… normally. I didn’t need seconds. I could hardly finish my firsts. My kids’ leftovers looked like poison or garbage, not food. And the weight kept coming off. There were some negative side effects – even to this day, I must chew my food religiously, or I need to throw up. Such medically-induced bulimia would lead to all sorts of other medical issues I don’t want – esophageal scarring, tooth decay, malnutrition. So, chew chew chew. Some may say the surgical approach is cheating, but I really don’t care. I had a medical problem and that sometimes takes a medical solution. At my thinnest, I lost seven stone. I have rebounded from the bottom of it a bit, and have stabilised at a 6st loss from my heaviest. I now clock in at about 14st. Over the past five years, I have noticed people treat me better. I’m no longer “messy”, “needy” or “unkempt”. I noticed that people told me I was “getting it together”. “I love those new trousers”, and “you seem so much happier”, they said.And maybe these people were always nice to me, but I started noticing it more once I liked myself. As my self-esteem increased, my wife and I – already becoming distant over the years – continued to grow apart and eventually separated. Neither of us were prepared for the new guy that was hiding under all that lard. People who are considering radical weight loss should be aware: it changes you. Now, almost five years after my surgery, I am happy in a new relationship and am moving to London.

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