Woman discovered her husband was ‘cheating’ after noticing a pattern on fitness app

A woman discovered that her husband had been ‘cheating’ after noticing a strange pattern on a fitness tracker that he had been using.It’s fair to say that things have changed a lot since the advent of the internet and the widespread use of mobile phones.The technology has brought with it a massive increase in how much our lives are surveilled.It would be a nightmare for people like Mad Men lothario Don Draper, with his periodic disappearances into a booze and sex-filled misadventure.This is a bit more difficult when you have a device in your pocket or strapped to your wrist, which broadcasts your location and even records your heart rate.Megan McGee certainly made this discovery when she noticed an unusual pattern on a fitness tracker that her husband had been using.These are hugely popular as they can help people to track their progress and build up a routine, but it was that data which led Megan to her discovery.Megan explained how she caught out her ex. Credit: TikTok / meg.c.mcgeeIn a video posted to TikTok, she said: “I studied his running map on the Strava workout app and realized that he ran past, paused around, or ended at an address where a fellow Army girl lived.“Their relationship had always given me a weird feeling and they were deployed together.”She added: “Discovering these maps was the clue that confirmed my suspicions about their relationship — and the rest is history.”Megan had her suspicions aroused by this same trip, which she noticed happened a lot.She said: “What I ended up finding through [his] running maps was that he would start his ‘run’ at our house and he would end it at her house.“She lived probably a half of a mile away.”She saw his running route took him to the same house. Credit: TikTok / meg.c.mcgeeOf course, this wasn’t definitive proof, but for Megan it certainly raised a lot of suspicions.She said: “So while this didn’t tell me the whole story, it sure gave me a lot of reassurance about who he was cheating on me with and what he was doing all those times he was gone.”It’s not the only time that a fitness tracker has led to someone being caught out.In 2019, NFL reporter Jane Slater claimed that she and her boyfriend had synced Fitbits and would motivate each other.But things got a little awkward when she noticed that his physical activity had seen a massive spike, at four in the morning.Maybe he’d just decided to go for a very early morning jog!


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